Tuesday, 9 November 2010

* Peter Wormleighton

A student also known by his online name Ramdaq. Something about his work I really like and am drawn too. The composition of the first image is very striking, theres a holga / lomo type feel which the slightly circular blurred edges. I would like to use similar colourings in some of my own shoots to create a more modern feel rather than continuously using a similar style of vintage editing. 

These next two images are my favourite of Wormleighton's, I really like how he has used the lighting to create a god like effect and a halo around the figure (may have been created using a hair light, or studio lights aiming behind the figure).

Nice simple composition with main focus on the colour and tones in the image. I though this image was very 70s so would like to experiment with similar pop art style photography and simple compositions

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