Tuesday, 9 November 2010

* SHOOT 17

Again this was just a quick basic one image shoot trying to experiment with layering (in reality though rather than Photoshop). Normally you don’t take photographs through windows because you tend to get a reflection however I wanted to take advantage of this usual problem. It had been raining so you can see the spots on the image which are from the glass (they look similar to light spots) and the tree have a sort of glow round it and has slightly lost focus because of the water and glass. I edited the image using picnik to create a more aged feel (composition, levels, cross process & 1960s style filters). Overall I do like the more textured feel and the colouring of the image however I think it could be improved with a different composition (completely rural rather than a suburban) and nice lighting for example bright sunlight through fog or mist. 

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