Saturday, 29 January 2011


This shoot was an addition to my final shoot keeping with the faceless fashion idea but trying to incorporate a more emotional feel. Originally I planned to do a face in the crowd type idea but obviously tried to do the shoot on the wrong type of day as the weather was horrible and town was very quiet. I also forgot my tripod and as I don't have a flash gun yet we had some issues with lighting. I hate using the pop up flash as it usually over exposes the highlights and just generally doesn't light the image how you want to however on this shoot it was a debate about whether to underexpose the image and lighten up on photoshop afterwards or to use the flash so I tried a mixture. If I had my tripod with me I could have lengthened the shutter speed so the camera would take in more light however as I didn't we had the issue of camera shake. Although the lighting was dim, there are some images where I think it does create a nice effect as it reinforces the loneliness ideology. 

This long shoot type images were trying to get the idea of someone being watched or alone. I'm not too keen on the composition of these images however I do like the use of urban architecture so if I retook this shoot I would aim to find a similar location. 

I like this composition slightly more however I think lighting could add a lot more to the image. 

I really like the composition of this image, I think once its edited it will create the exact feeling that I want to portray.

I also really like the composition of these set of image and the lighting doesn't affect the image hardly at all.

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  1. Love the feeling in the photos like kind of lonliness and melancholy. I love playing with composition al poses they add a lot to photos. You have capture the feeling dear. woderful.xx