Saturday, 29 January 2011


As the shoot didn't turn out very well I had to make the most of post production ideas. I wanted this shoot to have a more photojournalism feel and thought black and white was most appropriate however to keep with my vintage ideas I wanted to give the idea the shoot was take on a lomo film camera. Although these images are alight I wanted to push the idea further so I plan to print the images onto acetate so I can expose them in the darkroom and then stencil quotes or relevant sayings onto the final pieces in a more fluorescent colour, probably pink. I would also like to stencil opposing words onto my other darkroom final pieces as a kind of contradictory feel. 


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  2. love the first photography! ;)

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  5. I totally adore these photos. ^_^

  6. These are beautiful.

  7. Fantastic job, beatiful shot!!

    Happy new year!!!

    Salut, Francesc