Tuesday, 4 January 2011

* Updated Final Piece Ideas

This was a really quick shoot using my tripod and camera, instead of editing the image a lot after to get the vintage feel I wanted to incorporate more in the style of clothing for example the pattern on the coat. My final pieces are going to revolve around youth culture with the theme being faceless fashion. Most teenagers and young adults have a period where the feel excluded, lonely, misunderstood, unhappy with their body image etc so I wanted to portray this in a type of image. This image especially I think portrays loneliness well here, with the only completely white part of the image being the face. For my final final final piece (I have already done what was originally going to be my final shoot) I will have a series portraying the different confused emotions of the youth of today but incorporating vintage and older styles of fashion which are being worn by the twenty first century fashionistas. Fashion definitely goes round in circles, so something someones grandmother would have worn in the sixties is likely to be in Topshop now. 

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