Sunday, 31 October 2010


These are images I took over the summer when I went away to India for a month. While I was there I was especially looking at the difference between Western and Oriental fashion, and trying to consider how much their culture has influenced ours (especially in the 60s & 70s). These are the images I thought were most relevant to my project, most are simple portraiture illustrating the different India clothing styles however there are also other shots which help to show developed techniques and lighting styles. 

Experimenting with a slower shutter speed (two images above)

Examples of silver jewellery which is similar to items we can buy in the UK.

Very 70s styles. 

Really like the use of natural pattern, would like to incorporate pretty landscapes in my fashion work.

Love the lighting, over exposed but creates a nice effect. 

Again very 70s.

Aswell as landscapes I would also like to vary the weather in my work so fog, frost, mist, lots of bright sunlight etc. 

Experimenting with aperture to create a shallow depth of field. 

Capturing facial expressions. 

Focused on lighting and perspective. 


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