Tuesday, 5 October 2010

* Lighting - Peter Wormleighton 'Alice in Wonderland'

1) How is image lit?
Lit using studio lighting, probably a background light used and a key light to hit her top just under her chin and her face on the left, maybe used a fill light on the right hand side of the image to reduce shadows.  

2) How are colours / shadows used and to what effect?
There are minimal shadows, or not very high contrast shadows. They are used subtly to emphasise facial features, and details in the clothing and hair. 

3) How does lighting effect the mood / atmosphere or style of photography?
Lighting used to capture texture of the satin and tweed to created a glamorous and expensive texture, also capture the blonder sections in the models hair. 

4) What special considerations would you need to think about if recreating an image like this?
Having a well lit image without over exposing it, if using a flashgun could bounce light of the ways to create the subtle effect and also use a key light to capture the texture. The background light isn't over exposure either to created a plain white background but still has texture in the wall compared to more contemporary portraiture. 

5) What could you steal from this idea?
Really like the simple compositions of these series and how the fashion makes the images. Like the idea of capturing textures and working with less contrast than usual, also making sure the lighting is correct so less post production retouching work is needed. 

Arial & Frontal
- key & fill lights (reflectors?)

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