Saturday, 9 October 2010


I left my SLR at a friends after seeing Russell Brand live (great for experimenting with the manual settings for example higher ISO's and  lower apertures. Think the best images came out with an ISO of about 1600 and an f-stop of about 5, the flash would irritate people big time and as we weren't supposed to be taking pictures may kinda give us away). Also used a friends 77-150mm lens so got some nice close up. Going back to this image, again it was taken on my macbook which for the effect I was trying to achieve was good so the focus and quality wasn't a hundred percent anyway. My personal investigation is looking into fashion photographers creating images in the 60s and 70s and how we can recreate them using modern day technology. This image was edited on Picnik (an online editing site but I plan to experiment with Gimp, Foto-flexer & Photoscape too, along with the programme photoshop of course) I used a holga style filter on the programme and increased the lighter grain to make it look more like a film image. I also like the idea of typography so I'm going to start adding text to my images, a lot of the time I think it can look quite amarture-ish  however I think the above image looks okay. I really like the idea of recreating vintage and film images digitally however there is definitely something different about using an older camera so I'm going to continue taking shoots with my holga as well as enhancing digital images to create similar effects. 

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