Thursday, 30 December 2010

* Final Shoot Raws

I was so disappointed with how this shoot turned out, it seemed like a disaster from the beginning. I forgot my studio lights, we were running late and my camera also started being very temperamental. These are the raws and by each I've made a point on commenting on how I would improve or change it if the equipment was functioning correctly. My main focus will be on the post production of the images however if there is time I will try retaking the shoot. I may also try combining digital manipulation with darkroom techniques to create a more layered aged effect. 

I was playing around with the aperture and shutter speed to get the exposure how I wanted it when Rose walked past creating the blur however I do like how the image came out and the use of movement. 

I really like the composition of these images however because the room was fairly dark and I didn't have my tripod there isn't the sharpness and focus there that I would want. 

I do prefer these images with this exposure though, so if I redid the shoot would make sure I had all the right equipment. 

As I mentioned above my camera was having a temperamental day and as we were in a rush I shot some images in automatic to get the idea of the composition, as above. If I wanted to use this image I would edit the photograph in two different layers (foreground and background) to create more light without just boosting the brightness. 

This was using a longer shutter speed again, so definitely needed a tripod. Camera shake starts at a shutter speed of 125. 

In this shoot I was really interested in shape, which is why I like the above and below set of images. The corset photographs from the back are probably the most successful from the shoot and I like the proportions of the hour glass to the posters on the wall. 

The image below is my favourite of the corset images. 

I love shape of the figure in the image above however her neck is slightly too arched so if I retook the shoot I would make sure Rose' head wasn't too far back.

Again even though this image was a complete accident there is something I like about it. 

Like these compositions but by this point my camera wouldn't function in manual hardly at all. 

Like the idea of these two pearl images in a series. 

Really like the shapes again. 

The banister should be the focal point with the figure in the shadows of confusion not the other way round so if tried the shoot again would alter that. 

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