Tuesday, 7 December 2010

* Composition - Biba.

This is a belated post relating back to composition see here however I thought it was relevant as the fashion is very similar to what I plan to use in my final shoots (leopard print is very sixties / seventies) and I have been looking into these images for my extended writing essay. 

Initially in this image you think the focal point would be the fur coat because of the impact such an eye catching piece should create however personally I think the focal point is Daisy Lowe's face, her skin is pale and flawless which contrasts with the highly patterned coat and because her eyes are looking down you get the impression she is hiding something and you kind of want to know what. The image is balanced because the proportion of model to background is fairly equal, many of the photographers I have researched follow the rule of thirds however this image is full frontal and square on. You get the impression the photographer wants you to empathise with the model, or look deeper into the image so you can at least think about what Lowe is thinking and feeling so this will maybe encourage you to like her and the clothes more. 

I think the use of colour definitely enhances the focal point, the colour in the coat emphasise's the pale skin which your eyes are immediately drawn too (well mine anyway). The image is almost minimalist with its use of colour for example there are a few variations in the tones in the coat but other than that there is very little use of unnecessary colour. The use of the pale background and skin with minimal high impact makeup portrays a fairly classy atmosphere and also makes the point that the clothes are the most important aspect of the image. 

The photograph is most likely to be shot in a studio with artificial lighting and a two maybe three light set up. It's most likely to be a two light set up with a key and fill minus a background light (usually used to create a bright white backdrop like family and make over shoots). The key light is likely to be coming from the top left of the image and the fill from the bottom / middle right.

There are no techniques which immediately jump out at you, the shutter speed is likely to be fairly quick so the image is too over exposed and is very sharp however the photographer could use a tripod to combat this. The ISO could be about 200 / 400 depending how strongly the artificial lighting is set and the f - stop is probably about 30 ? because theres quite a wide depth of field and very few areas of confusion. 

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