Tuesday, 7 December 2010

* Mixed Media & Illustration Update

Nylon is a women's fashion and art magazine and the majority of their articles, shoots, images include some form of mixed media, collage or illustration style so I thought this was a good form of research to summarise all the previous forms I have looked at. I can see my final piece turning up something like the image on the left, or at least the process leading up to it. I'm really bad at having lots of ideas and not bringing them all together sufficiently so I thought a series linked by a specific style or a photo montage or mixed media collage would be a way of summing up my multiple ideas and bringing the vintage ideas and sixties and seventies mixed with modern fashions together. 
I would also like to experiment with some photoshop tutorials so within the next couple of days I would like to turn this photograph into a vintage propaganda style image either like thisthis or this. 

This was a really really quick image and scribble to show the types of ideas I would like to experiment with in my final piece. The main inspiration was from Nikki Farquharson but also trying to sum up all the previous research I have done. (herehere or here

These are also just a summary of any similar images of my own which I have already started experimenting with various ideas. Here is an example of a skill I would almost definitely like to try in my final series of shoots. One of my film shoots was experimenting with double exposures with a vintage bike so I would like to use this technique for a new set of images and maybe layer up a variety of others to create a mixed media collage. These two sets of images one (first two images in post) and two (the leopard print and mitten edits) are various experiments and simple ideas I have tried so far, I would definitely like to continue the idea of song lyrics layered over the top of images or having an alternative face for example taking the erased faces a step further and putting animated heads, illustration or cut out animal or other faces. The second link (here) also has a paragraph about Rob Ryan at the bottom which is another mixed media idea I would like to use. 

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