Monday, 13 September 2010

* Compostition

Composition; The selection and placements of objects and elements within the picture
- How do photographers draw the eye to their focal point?
- How do photographers create a balanced image?
- How do photographers make you want to look deeper into their image, make it worth a look!?

- Use of positive and negative shape particularly in foreground and background.
- Drawing eye to focal point?
- Drawing eye around the image on a journey?
- Shapes of composition suitable for different images and styles of photography?

Tone & Colour; 
- Does it enhance focal point?
- Do different tones or colours provide separate areas in the photograph to enhance shapes?
- Do colours reflect each other to keep the eye moving?
- Do colours reflect each other to enhance the focal point? 
- How does the placement of the colours and tones affect the mood/tone. 

Use of Lighting; 
- Where does it come from? 
- How many light sources and what type?

Use of Technique & Effects;
- Depth of field
- Shutter speed
- ISO 

I found this site really useful when reading up about composition and also an interview (from Roto Vision's Fashion & Advertising book) with Elaine Constantine. One of the most memorable quotes which seems to constantly help me was; 

"..the basis of her success is partly intuitive - a compelling sense of colour and composition; a particularly understanding and expression of the energy and sensibility of youth - but it is combined with the technical production, and editing prowess required to translate her vision onto film and into the pages of magazines. " (about Elaine Constantine in the introduction of the interview.)

My research on F C Gundlach is mainly focused on composition and more recently I have  thoroughly analysed the composition of one of the images from the new Biba campaign (can be found here) which is relevant to my extended writing essay. 

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