Sunday, 12 September 2010

* Advice For A Levels

Good Working Practices
1) Take a shoot.
2) Make a contact sheet and print. 
3) Annotate contact sheet and add key. 
4) Select best images from shoot. 
5) Edit best images make sure you show all stages of development (use screen prints). 
6) Print out development and mount up.
7) Print out selected images larger once edited (gloss paper is ideal) 
8) Analyse selected images and reshoot to improve photograph if needed. 

Project Planner
Title page.
Intentions of the project.
Artist research / idea / mood board.
Plan of shoots. 
Contact sheets annotated with key.
Screen shots of photoshop work with relevant contact sheets.
Final images with artist influences mounted next to your work. 
Gloss print of final images. 
Re shoot with plans. 
Repeat the process for reshoot. 

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