Tuesday, 7 September 2010

* Eleanor Hardwick

Eleanor Hardwick was Oxfordshire born in 1993. She became interested in photography at the age of 12 when she began to take photos of collectable Japanese fashion dolls, leading to the hobby progressing into a passion for portraiture and fashion. She's currently studying for her a  levels (?!!) whilst working as a freelance photographer. 
"Eleanor's work embodies the idea of daydreaming the banality and routine of daily life into something more mystical, playful and beautiful; it is a reflection of a world where surrealism meets realism. Her photographs convey a juxtaposition between being lost in the world's perplexity, whilst finding beauty in all things, where a soft and whimsical romanticism meets wistfulness and yearning."

Hardwick has had work featured in / interviews with magazines such asVogue, Dazed & Confused, Grazia, Look, Oasis In-Store Magazine etc plus websites such as the Guardian and Bat for Lashes Band site. 

I think there is a very strong sense of colour in this image, the bright pink contrasts with the green and yellow tones very well. Although the composition is very frontal and symmetrical, the rule of thirds still applies, with the yellow flowers being the immediate focal point. I really like Hardwick's ideas behind her images and this photograph is no exception, I would like to develop the idea of figures with no heads (open frames) and the watering can has a kind of Alice in Wonderland feel to it.  

This image makes use of natural lighting very well, the composition gives an almost lucky feel to the image like it was taken at the right place in the right time however the suitcase seems to have been strategically placed. I really like the use of the window and I can see it being an interesting aspect to experiment with for example different viewpoint like looking out, up, in etc. 

I really like the retro feel to this image and the window idea again similar to above, its got quite a 70s feel to the photograph.

Nice use of lighting, would like to use similar techniques in my own work.

Absolutely love these two images (above and below) the compositions are really dream like and the low saturation has a lovely effect. Again nice use of natural lighting and colour. 

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