Tuesday, 7 September 2010

* Depth Of Field Homework

Quite great depth of field however the background still has some areas of confusion. F stop may be about 22 and ISO probably about 200 because even though it used natural lighting its not a hugely bright day. 
Great depth of field, everything in focus. F stop is probably about 20 because its quite a close up portrait and theres not too much depth to the image, everything is in focus. The image uses studio lighting so depending on the strength of those would decide the ISO and the effect the photographer wanted to create (a darker style may use a slightly lower ISO).
Quite shallow depth of field, just models in focus so f stops maybe 8 / 10 ish? Again natural lighting so ISO probably about 200.  
I love the composition of this image, because of the editing its quite hard to judge the manual settings but the ISO is probably lower than it technically should be because of the shadowy effects. There is no point of focus or major areas of confusion but the photographers are more like to be concentrating on lighting (studio - key light, no fill) than on aperture so they probably kept the f stop fairly high, but lower enough not to affect the shutter speed so can capture the motion of the model with no blur.
The point of focus in this image is the model (Joanna Newsom) The f stop is very low so probably about 3? (5.6 is whats usually used on auto settings) the depth of field is very shallow which means the aperture (hole inside the camera) is larger, the image also looks as if it has been naturally lit with maybe some additional studio lights. 

I also really like the style of this image, again it uses natural lighting so maybe using a little lower ISO (if used a higher one the image would become over exposed rather than seeming like a brighter day) The model is the focal point with a fairly shallow depth of field so maybe a f stop of about 8.

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