Sunday, 12 September 2010

* Elena Marshall

Born in 1993, Elena began taking photographs when she was thirteen years old, and has since developed her own style that is recognised for its sense of beauty and ethereality. She mainly shoots fashion and portraiture, and plans to study fashion photography in college.   

I really love this composition, the image has a very natural look to it however Marshall probably used a fan to create the wind. I also like the colours, it could either be the lighting which created the effect or a slight yellow colour cast post production. 

Really like the style and lighting of this image (and similar images below). In my own work I would like to experiment with similar techniques for example to film style, slightly over exposed yet not and pale pastel shades. 

I also like Marshall's use of natural settings, I can see this being a theme in my own work and I like the idea of depth and height to images similar to above. In this style of images it will be especially important to work manually to get the lighting and exposure perfect.

Will also be experimenting with a polaroid camera, I know they don't affect the image that much but there is definitely a unique quality about them. 

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