Tuesday, 7 September 2010

* Hello Year 13

So this year I have decided to try something new, I have just gone into my A2 year for photography and rather than keeping all my work in a sketchpad / portfolio I wanted to try a more digital approach. Ironically the photography I love most is film and I really like working with different alternative processes, thats what I really want to develop this year. I really enjoyed working with my Holga film camera and would like to develop these skills throughout A2 working extensively in film and in the darkroom. I also experimented with other alternative processes such as liquid light, bleaching etc and would like to experiment and research with similar techniques for example cyanotyping and also printing onto fabric, clothing and patterned wallpaper. 

My ideas for A2 are based around fashion and vintage style photography, over the summer I went to India and did a lot of research around their lifestyles and couture, I would also like to research other oriental cultures such as China and Japan and look at how they influence the 60s and 70s (especially India's influence on hippies in the late 60s). Later in the year I would like to develop this into how these factors influence fashion today in the 21st century and how fashion generally orientates in a circle. I wanted to link these images back to the 60s and 70s by working in film and the darkroom or by editing them carefully to give them an aged vintage style. 

One of my main influences for this project is the singer Joanna Newsom, she has quite a classic and quirky style and I plan to do some shoots based and inspired by her look. I also really like the work of Will Taylor and Eleanor Hardwuick, Taylor is a Los Angeles fashion photographer and I would like to experiment with his high fashion type work whereas Hardwick is more film and alternative style photography but I also love her quirky work and would like to experiment with similar ideas. 

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