Saturday, 18 September 2010

* Pretty

I really like this selection of images taken from random magazines and a lomo photography book. The quality of some isn't amazing because they're scanned in but the focus is more on the ideas and the composition. This first images is a nice example of pattern, these are the kind of textures and materials I would like to incorporate into my project reflecting the oriental theme. 

I also would like to experiment with similar techniques and ideas as the below image, the photographer has drawn the eye directly to the subject but I find mine tend to wander and think about the others in the background. It was taken on a lomo camera, which is why you get the lovely grainy effect and quite subtle colours, I plan to develop my work with my holga to hopefully get similar images. 

Again this image is taken on a lomo film camera, it has a similar textured effect. This image is quite a good example of positive (the subject) and negative shape (mainly the background).

This image was taken from Elle magazine, there's always been something I liked about it. Sasha Pivovarova is a russian model and I love her hippy / boho style which has influenced my ideas.

This image is a lovely example of composition and camera angles. The photographers probably lying or sitting on the floor and natural lighting is used well to create the translucent effect and colours in the balloons.

I thought this image was a nice example of how the 60s and 70s can influence modern fashion, again I like the use of pattern and would like to incorporate it into future shoots. 

Again an article from a 21st century magazine mirroring some 60s and 70s trends. 

Timeless fashion like a trench coat. Would like to experiment with photoshop techniques to create similar aged effects. 

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