Friday, 24 September 2010

* Inspiration

These are images taken from various other blogs where I particularly like the compositions, subjects or general image themes. In one of my earlier shoots (Indie one I think?) I commented on slightly more unusual camera angles, I don't think theres anything particularly special about the above image (doesn't majorly keep to the rule of thirds etc) however theres something about the image which I really like and really seems to work. I think it could be the very day to day scene so you'r not expecting anything out of the ordinary but the lighting seems almost perfect, the bright blue sky and the sunlight catching the shine in the models hair. 

Like the format of these images (above) very lookbook style? Also would like to steal some of the camera angles and model poses for my own work, from the below image too (like the idea of shooting from right above or below subjects). 

Really love the lighting in these two images, the above one seems like it done on a film camera, very aged whereas the below photography has the dreamlike effect but is quite modern with the brighter lighting. 

Like the retro glasses and cigarette idea, something classy yet dirty about the image. 

Like composition ideas, indoor vs outdoor but both with very similar. Again definitely going to steal the composition ideas.  

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